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Amanda Trapp (she/they) is a Cree and Saulteaux (member of White Bear First Nations)/settler theatre artist based in Saskatoon. Select acting credits include: The Herd, Persephone Theatre; My Name Is Rachel Corrie, Chrysalis Theatre; Half-Breed Vaudeville, Sorry/Grateful Theatre (writer/performer); The Invisible: Agents of Ungentlemanly Warfare, Catalyst Theatre; It’s A Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play, Persephone Theatre; The Other Side of the River, Sum Theatre (composer/performer); and many more. Her work as a composer and sound designer has been nominated for a SATA (The Penelopiad, Ferre Play Theatre), and she is a multi-instrumentalist as well, playing keys, accordion, and guitar. 


Amanda Trapp is trying to find the answers.
From her perch onstage at the Cosmopolitan Seniors Center Friday, Trapp posited the questions swirling in her mind. What is the value of art — as a product, a tool for creating empathy, a way to put yourself out into the world? How tangled up is someone’s art in their identity? Why are you, the audience, here?
I would argue it’s to see shows like this.
Through music, comedic aside, monologue and play, Trapp processes their feelings about identity and artistry. The Sorry/Grateful Theatre production is an existential crisis set to song.
Trapp is a comfortable and comforting presence onstage. The audience seemed to feel at ease laughing, engaging and bobbing along to her well-crafted songs. [...]

If you’ve ever grappled with monetizing your passions, hitting a wall or just being a person putting themselves out into the world, hoping to be seen and understood, something will resonate here. It’s definitely worth seeing.

Half-Breed Vaudeville
5 stars / 5 
- Amanda Short, Saskatoon Star Phoenix

"The music — lyrics provided by Atwood, music provided by the production’s sound designer and composer, Amanda Trapp — was equal parts beautiful and haunting at any given moment."

-Matt Olsen, Saskatoon Star Phoenix 

Review for The Penelopiad - Ferre Play Theatre

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